Energy analysis – redefined

Focus on business

No energy manager can be expert in all areas of controls, air treatment and heating plant but knows that each of these and more can combine to cause systematic waste.

The primary job of an energy manager is to balance service with cost in the real world of engineering and very rarely to consider dashboards.

The great new challenge is: “Energy managers have neither the time nor the expertise to interpret graphs or monitor dashboards“. Solving this problem is our value proposition.

Automate diagnosis

Interpreting data so people don't need to see charts to uncover inefficiencies solves both problems. kWIQly quantifies savings potential, so suggested actions can reflect real value and be sorted by priority and type. We expose the real value of meter reading data while enhancing productivity of the client.

Return on Flexibility

Machines excel where people fail. The objective is to discover potential based on new insights that expose hidden opportunity. The motivation of the energy manager is still to balance resource – but with tools powered by pattern recognition that make the work easier, scalable and more satisfying.

kWIQly works by building engineering insights on top of commodity energy data and so justifies meter reading investment.