What can kWIQly do for you?

Build Understanding

Energy reflects activity in buildings. When boilers and chillers operate, or other appliances are used energy is consumed. Therefore behaviour, response to weather, occupancy, control strategy and plant capacity are all exhibited in energy data. So whatever determines operation is evident in energy data – the causes leave “fingerprints”. Pattern recognition allows remote assessment of entire portfolios of meters:

  • Understand energy use
  • See flexible demand
  • Identify saving opportunity

Each of these has a key role to play in cost management and client retention.

Engineer Capacity

Buildings waste around 29% of the energy they consume. So any exception report based on normal waste must miss opportunity. kWIQly can identify both waste or when energy could be used advantageously off-peak. Demand response capacity and energy waste are both apparent remotely and at scale. Both are key in the right mix to maximising benefits at lowest cost to the consumer and the grid therefore establishing priority. The ability to quantify and locate opportunity in a portfolio changes the cost of action.

More info: kWIQly Demand Response

Help clients

Where expertise is lacking or time is short providing uninformative data or charts is detrimental and at best overlooked. Energy use patterns need expert interpretation but expertise can be automated given domain knowledge. Valuable actionable recommendations in context are key to client value. Our partners communicate our conclusions as interpreted visualisations or as simple suggestions, in emails, on demand or integrated within their tools. The difference is that we distinguish energy management need and demand response opportunity at scale.

More info: kWIQly Energy Analysis