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Fast Energy Intelligence for multi-site enterprise clients

Key Services

Multi-site Energy Managers face time pressure

Crucial issues

Poor data quality undermines analysis

Correct operational context is essential

Delayed diagnosis costs money

Where to start


Man-machine collaboration solves this !

Identify the problem

Trust Data

Data spikes, non-comms. and meter rescaling must be exposed

Make Time

Ranked priority,
(by size, scope, duration etc)
on your desk each morning

Make a case

A track-record of success
depends on iron-clad prognosis

See the big picture

Many sites and many charts mean it is hard to see the wood for the trees

Resolve the issue

Filter & Correct

Exclude poor data,
Note operational change,
Rescale history as necesssary

Establish Priority

Setting thresholds is a pain!
Self-adaptive models
speeds diagnosis


Before / After contrast
transparent quantification in operational context


Single-click access from outlier site to detailed diagnosis

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