start engine

All we need is access to automated meter readings and a point of contact.

Naturally we value your time, respect your confidence and work with your suppliers

Time really is money,

Each meter each day (say 300 sites)
5 charts per site and 1 per minute...
an engineer needs 25 hours in a day!

Well-Informed Decisions

Our powerful, intelligent approach
exploits pattern recognition
to find waste fast, hence `kW' 'IQ' 'ly'


The Highstreet

Serving portfolios directly e.g. schools, coffee shops, banks, pubs and restaurants

We work alongside your building service providers - so if you have numerous buildings we can help

The Specialist

Energy Performance Contractors (EPC), Energy Saving Companies (ESCO) & Facility Managers (FM)
cannot compete without scalable analysis functions.

Fast, consistent analysis reduces risk at tender, where accurate saving potential is critical to competitive profitable bids

One Outcome

Thorough, early waste identification boosts productvity & shortened service cycles.
Reduced travel & time-on-site supports a lean, low carbon approach

We agreed a procedure between EDF, the BRE (formally the Building Research Establishment) overseen by the official UK gas and electricity regulator ofgem.

This applied at the time to the CERT commitment, now we use it as a gold standard for clients.

Typically 25% - 35% energy is wasted (it varies hence the no-risk survey)

Fees from 2.5% to 1%
(in arrears with size and scale)

So savings can be 10 - 35 times fees...
either we deliver value or you cancel !


Our standard NDA - or yours

You may cancel at will
we hope you won't :)

We copy data for analysis - your data is intact, unaltered.

And naturally we delete historical records on request.

The Energy Savings Task Force

Any Questions ?

Don't waste time more time & energy - contact us now, we'll try to help!